Meet Our Staff

Dr. Dan Price, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
[email protected]

Dan has over 25 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist.  He has worked as an Individual and Family Therapist for over 25 years. He founded Empowering Families Program 22 years ago, and over the years the agency has been successful helping a multitude of individuals and families.  His experience ranges from an Individual Psychology Practice, Founding FACE, a Character Education Non-profit organization, to working in Psychiatric Hospitals, Community Mental Health Clinics, Public Schools, and working with Court Services and Social Services.  Dan's philosophy in treatment is about helping the individual obtain the positive changes in their lives by helping them empower their inner strength and mobilize their inner resources in overcoming obstacles, hurdles, and fears that have interfered in their growing to their full potential.

Bridgett Price

Business Manager

Bridgett is the strength and character of Empowering Families Program, stridently fair caring and honest she manages the business side and provides structure and the model of professionalism for the organization.

Brandon Hoffman, LPC  
Senior Clinical Manager - Behavioral Health Services

Brandon Hoffman is a fully Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia.  He has more than 20 years experience working in the social services field, including long-term residential, staff supervision, teen crisis intervention, and mental health support, among others.  He developed an interest in the social services field while studying psychology during his first year in college.  Brandon holds a Master's degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. He has been working for Empowering Families Program since 2007.

Holly Johnson, M.D.   

Medical Director - SAIOP Program

Holly has nearly 30 years experience in various Family/General Practice settings with 8 years in addictive medicine focusing on opiate dependence.  Her practice philosophy is providing support and information so that patients can create the life they want.

Andrea Barbour, BS, QMHP-C
TDT & IIH Therapist - Charlottesville Office  

Andrea is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology.  Andrea is a native of Charlottesville Virginia.  She worked with the STARS program as a residential counselor for at-risk boys.  She also worked at the Boys and Girls Club as a counselor, as well as, a one-on-one aid for an at-risk student at Clarke Elementary School.  Andrea has volunteered her time with the city of Charlottesville as a youth basketball coach.

Diana Dyer, MA, QMHP-A 
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office
Diana is a Master's level Counselor. She uses her many years of experience providing care and service in helping her Clients continue to live and grow in the least restrictive environments.

Karen Fox, M. Ed, QMHP-AC
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Karen has a Masters of Education degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Early Childhood Special Education.  She is a retired Special Educator who has worked with children and families in schools, homes, clinic and community settings.  She loves working in homes and community the best, as it is the natural environment of the client.  Karen has also worked for Rappahannock Radian Community Services as a supervised and independent living apartment supervisor and a case manager.  Her last position was with Healthy Families, a home visiting program for pregnant women and new parents.  Karen believes that everyone has strengths within them that can used to help them meet their goals.

Laura Gambrino, BS, QMHP-A 
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Laura Gambrino is passionate about recovery. Laura is originally from central Minnesota and has enjoyed living in a number of places such as Okinawa, Japan and Monterey, California.  As a community-based counselor, Laura works side-by-side with individuals to improve their quality of life by learning to utilize mental health skill building strategies in their every-day activities and working collaboratively with clients and other professionals to assist people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.  Laura holds a Bachelor's in Science degree (BS) in psychology from Liberty University.  Before working for Empowering Families, she worked as a day support counselor and a residential counselor in Fredericksburg with Rappahannock Area Community Services Board.  In her spare time, she participates in community outreach activities such as co-facilitating a mental wellness support group with Mental Health America Fredericksburg and singing in her church choir. Laura lives in Fredericksburg and enjoys watching Dr. Who and Friends with her girlfriend and their two rescue puppies, Charlie and Kai.

Travis Greene, MS, QMHP-E
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Travis Greene is one of our Mental Health Counselors.   He has more than 20 years’ experience in the counseling profession.  He has worked in the areas of Intensive In-Home Counseling, Crisis Stabilization, Vocational Counseling, Wounded Warrior Counseling, and Support Services Counseling.  He developed an interest in Counseling during his time in the Marine Corps.  Travis earned a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of West Alabama.  Travis began working for the Empowering Families Program in 2018.

Christy Keys, BA, QMHP-A 
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Christy realized at an early age that she wanted to be that one who helps the elderly and children to the best of her ability. Christy is a Graduate of LFCC where she possesses two certifications for Instructional Assistant and Child Development.  From there Christy went to Ashford University where she received her Bachelors of Arts with a Major in Psychology. Christy also has been in the healthcare field for 21 years now carrying her State Certification as a MedTech and a Direct Care Aide. Christy is passionate about family, person-centered care, and providing support and care to help reach goals. Christy will be continuing her education to receive her Masters in Psychology.

Jacob McCoy, BS, QMHP-E 
IIH & Mental Health Support Therapist - Charlottesville Office

Jacob graduated from Bridgewater College in three years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.  From college, Jacob worked at The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham.  During this time, Jacob helped adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities become more involved in their local communities.  After a year, Jacob left The Arc to expand his experience and started working with Empowering Families.  Before graduating, Jacob created an app for individuals who experience conflict related to learning and managing their anxiety.

Tracy Mihalic, BS, QMHP-A
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Liberty University.  She has been working in the mental health services field since 2013.  She is actively involved in her community and volunteers with local community service groups.  Tracy's experience with mental health diagnoses and trauma are at the center of her passion for helping individuals who are struggling to receive supports.  She is passionate about mental health advocacy, peer support, person-centered care, and civil rights. 

Jessica Moore, MA, QMHP-E 
TDT & IIH Therapist - Charlottesville Office

Jessica graduated with a Master's in Psychology in 2011 from the University of the Rockies.  Her graduate work focused on Animal-Assisted Therapy and Animal-assisted Activities.  She is continuing her interest at Walden University where she is working towards her Master's in Mental Health Counseling to obtain her LPC.  Jessica enjoys working with children and adults and is excited to be entering the mental health field.

She teamed up with Empowering Families in the summer of 2014 where she created a 6-week animal-assisted activity program for children.  The program used horse activities to teach the children respect, responsibility, team-work, self-confidence, and other life-enhancing skills.  In her free time, Jessica enjoys ballroom dancing, photography, gaming, spending time with her cats, and the great outdoors.  She is very excited to begin her new adventure with the Empowering Families Program.

Dillon Regan, BS, QMHP-AC 
IIH & Mental Health Support Therapist - Charlottesville Office

Dillon holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Business from Longwood University.  He worked with the STARS program as a residential counselor for at-risk boys before coming to Empowering Families.  He has been actively involved in mental health and disability services since college - as a member of Peer Health Educators, volunteering with the Special Olympics and as an intern at On Our Own here in Charlottesville.

Alberta Ross, MA, QMHP-AC
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Alberta provides strong caring limits and support to her clients to help them succeed to become more independent functioning individuals in the community.

Allegra von Studnitz, MA, QMHP-AC
IIH & Mental Health Support - Charlottesville Office

Allegra is an Intensive In-Home Therapist and has been working with children and families since 1989.  She received her Master's in Psychology from Antioch University in San Francisco and an ABD (all but dissertation) Doctoral Candidacy in Psychology from the Sorbonne in Paris.  In addition to her clinical skills, she is a Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Technician, and a Phlebotomist.  She utilizes a wide array of therapeutic techniques including non-verbal modalities such as art and sand tray therapy, and has knowledge of brain chemistry and related neurological function and dysfunction.  Allegra is trilingual in German, French, and English and has lots of children -- both 2 legged and 4 legged.

Ashley Walcott, BS, QMHP-AC
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Ashley joined the Empowering Families Program in 2015.  Ashley brings creativity and resourcefulness to the program and community.  Over the course of her career, she has gained experience working at the local CSB, as a psycho-social advocate for one of their clubhouses.  She also worked as a counselor at the Sunshine Lady House for the recovery-crisis stabilization program.  Ashley also brings managerial experience, after founding and directing the Milepost 18 support of the living program in Fredericksburg Virginia.  Ashley received her Bachelor’s degree from Xavier University in New Orleans Louisiana.

Janet Williams, BS, QMHP-E   

IIH & Mental Health Support Therapist - Charlottesville Office

Janet graduated from Liberty University and has a BS in Psychology with a minor in Christian Counseling.   Born and raised in Virginia, now resides in the county of Louisa.  She has worked with at-risk youth for 5 plus years as an in-home counselor/mentor.  She also has worked with a non-profit organization, House of Hope of Virginia as head counselor for all ages.  She has spent many years volunteering within her church community working with the youth and leading the missions team domestic and international.

Jade Woodward, BS, QMHP-A, QIDP-A
Mental Health Support Therapist - Culpeper Office

Jade is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor's in Psychology. She has a variety of experience in the social services field including, providing mental health services, working with adults with intellectual disabilities, and geriatric populations. In addition to her work as a Mental Health Skill Building Counselor, Jade currently serves as a volunteer at her local CSB and provides backup support services to adults with intellectual disabilities in a sponsored placement setting.  Jade provides a supportive environment to foster growth and independence for her clients.

Daniel Yeboah, BS, QMHP-C
IIH Therapist - Charlottesville Office

I am a graduate of Old Dominion University with a B.S. in Human Services.  As an undergraduate, I completed my internship at Hope House Foundation, which caters to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  We assisted these individuals with assimilating themselves into the community and providing behavior support.  While completing my internship, I realized the passion I have towards helping people with mental and intellectual disabilities.  I worked for Hope House Foundation following my internship as a direct support staff.  After graduating in August 2016, I worked with Family System II as Qualified Mental Health Professional.  During this time, I provided counseling and behavioral support to the adult population.  I am currently employed by the Empowering Families Program where I’m providing counseling and behavior support to at-risk children and their families.  Other experiences include volunteering at For Kids, which offers shelter to homeless single parents.

Coming soon - other staff bios for the Charlottesville and Culpeper offices!