About Our Specialized Services

Our services at Empowering Families Program are multi-faceted and we are dedicated to providing continuity and comprehensive services to all ages. Our mission as a locally-based firm is to provide quality services, in the context of recognized best practices, to enable individuals and their families to maximize their personal and congregate strengths and manage their challenges in order to strengthen them to succeed and prosper in the community.  We are a group of clinicians who have served the Charlottesville and surrounding communities for over 16 years by providing mental health support and home-based therapies for all ages and culturally-specific populations including: Children, teens, young adult, adult and elders.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP)

In response to the various alcohol and substance abuse concerns in the state of Virginia, the Empowering Families Program is excited to now provide substance abuse intensive outpatient services.  The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) implemented an enhanced substance use disorder benefit on April 1, 2017.  The ARTS program expands access to a comprehensive continuum of addiction treatment services for all enrolled members in Medicaid, FAMIS, FAMIS MOMS and the Governor’s Access Plan (GAP).

Several individuals have experienced issues with using substances during some point in their lives.  There is good news however.  Many individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD) could benefit from treatment regardless of how difficult their problem may present.  Gaining insight on your addiction could be crucial in your journey toward recovery.  The Empowering Families SAIOP is here to assist you!  Please contact Dr. Dan Price at 434.971.8454.  These calls are confidential.

Outpatient Therapy - Private Practice

Hours of Operation:
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday - Culpeper Office
Wednesday/Friday - Charlottesville Office

Empowering Families Program's philosophy is based on a concern for the overall psychological well-being of our patients and respect for their individual needs.  One of our primary goals is to focus on alleviating acute and chronic distress resulting from life events, disorders and overall improving their quality of life by delivering comprehensive mental health care to those in need.   We believe that a key factor in psychological health is the connection one has through the community, as well as through his/her support systems.  With over 20 years of experience, Empowering Families Program has worked with all sorts of people and have provided services in the following areas:

-Individual, group and family therapy
-Marriage and couples counseling
-Substance abuse counseling
-Psychological testing

If you have questions or concerns and/or would like to discuss your options, please call us in Charlottesville at 434.971.8454.
in Culpeper at 540 829-6685

Therapeutic Day Treatment (head start through high school)
One of the most important cohorts we treat is school-aged children.  Empowering Families Program partners with many schools in the region (Head Start through 12th Grade) to provide Therapeutic Day Treatment to at-risk youth who are Medicaid eligible.  Our collaborative efforts with the school administration, guidance counselors, and parents help the child to better acclimate within their social environment, as well as to provide resources for the child and their family to enable them to succeed in their scholastic community.

The process is first initiated by the school administration (teacher, counselor, school psychologist, principal) after recognizing a child’s inability to adapt well to his/her environment and recognizing the behavior(s) is becoming progressively more disabling over time. Often times, numerous interventions have been administered prior to contacting us, for example, in-school/out-of-school suspension.  Once we are contacted, a licensed professional will complete an initial assessment on the child with interested parties involved including school administrators, family support workers, DSS and/or guardian/parent.  If we feel there is a need for further intervention, we will complete all the necessary paperwork and submit to the appropriate channels for approval.  Upon approval, a qualified therapist will be assigned to the case/school and will continue the process through observation, face-to-face interaction, intervention and therapy while the child is in school.

In addition, this service benefits the schools/classrooms greatly, in that, it helps to alleviate some mental health staffing needs, as well as provides additional support to teachers when there is potential for disruption in a classroom setting.  Most schools who utilize our service recognize that ALL kids are benefiting from this service, not only the child receiving direct contact and therapy.  Empowering Families Program feels this is an invaluable service we can offer to the Charlottesville and surrounding communities and its school systems.

Intensive In-Home Services (ages 0 - 16 years)
Empowering Families Program provides Intensive In-Home Therapy to children with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral problems. Children and their families are typically eligible for 10-12 hours of therapy per week, provided by one of our Qualified Mental Health Providers, in the child's home.  This method of treatment more effectively helps parents to learn how to manage their child's behavior and to support their needs, and allows for greater collaboration between therapists, parents, teachers, and others who are involved in children's lives.  In addition, this service provides: Crisis treatment, individual and family counseling, communication counseling, case management activities, coordination with all other services children receive, 24-hour emergency response.

Eligibility criteria is typically previously documented in the following areas: The child has difficulty in establishing/maintaining normal interpersonal relationships such that the child may be at risk of being hospitalized or the child is at risk from being removed from the home.  Typically this is due in part to conflicts with the family and/or community and is shown through engaging in dangerous behaviors. the inability to recognize danger or due to inappropriate social behaviors.  Furthermore, often times interventions from mental health, judicial system or social services have already taken place.

Intensive In-Home Therapy can be an invaluable resource to help guide and direct a child who may be heading down the wrong path.  Empowering Families Program feels that often times the child's home may be the most therapeutic setting for treatment versus a clinic.

Mental Health Skill Building Services (ages 16 and up)
Being emotionally and mentally healthy does not exclude the experiences of life which we cannot control. As humans we are going to face emotions and events that are a part of life.  Mental Health Support Services is similar to Intensive In-Home Services; however it focuses on the young adult and can be offered to anyone above 16 years of age including elders.  The scope of services is vast and reasons for an individual to receive these services can vary greatly.

The services are offered by a therapist  who will create a treatment plan specifically designed for the individuals need.  Typically, the individual receiving these services is having difficulty in ADL's or Activities of Daily Living.  Some examples are: Homelessness, inability to cope due to a death of a spouse, individuals with serious mental health needs, and individuals without primary or secondary support groups.  The counselor who is assigned will work with the person in the home and community to help alleviate some of the problems they may be enduring.  The counselor can offer advice, set goals, and overall offer support to the individual in need.  At Empowering Families Program, we feel It is very important to improve your emotional mental health by surrounding yourself with positive relationships and our counselors are trained in providing continuity and comprehensive care to those in need.

Summer Therapeutic Day Treatment Program
Empowering Families Program offers a Summer Therapeutic Day Treatment Program.  This is an eight week intensive and therapeutic program for at-risk youths.  Children from ages 4-17 years participate Monday - Friday for 6 hours daily, over the course of eight weeks during the Summer.  Activities included character education supplied on behalf of the FACE Project ( www.thefaceproject.org ) which includes comprehensive activities based on character traits such as: self esteem, respect, trustworthiness, integrity, caring, and 31 additional traits.  In the past,  children have been involved with community service activities which included planting trees and flowers at local schools, as well as picking up trash on community grounds.  The program offers structured activities in a therapeutic environment with the EFP team made up of licensed professionals and QMHP's.  The child to counselor ratio is 1:4 and provides a healthy and hand's on environment.  Other activities and involvements have consisted of visiting local historical sites, helping out with a local horse farm, visiting the SPCA to work with animals, aquatics, sporting activities, morality games and education, mentoring (big brother/little brother - big sister/little sister), and many more fun and therapeutic activities.  The child who participates receives the 8 week program for free which includes breakfast and lunch, and transportation to and from their place of residence to the program site.  For more information on this and/or next year's program, please contact Brandon Hoffman, Coordinator at 434.971.8454 x3.